Projects & Performances

 Agustin's latest project are a direct reflection of his versatility and multi-disciplinary approach in percussion and music-making. As of December of 2020 Agustin took on the role of sound-design creator and collaborator for the social-activism podcast, No.More.Later. In the podcast he collaborates musically and assists in the sound editing process of the project. Additionally Agustin has working hand-in-hand with composing artist, and researcher, Gordon H. Williams, and artist, Sol Enae Lee, in their latest transdisciplinary project and creation of a percussion quartet and vocals recorded album derived out of personal experiences.

In his past performances and projects of 2019 and 2020, Agustin took on the role as a performer and workshopper in the Netherlands-based music collective, The Hache Collective of  Experimental Music. As an ensemble performer and active workshop facilitator he has performed in multiple art, music and multi-functional artistic spaces in Utrecht. He has additionally been a workshop leader at the HKU Master of Arts laboratory days, as well an upcoming workshop facilitator at the HKU Swap Dag project.


Agustin is currently living in Santiago, Chile where he continues to work as a musician, creator, educator, and artistic researcher in the current cultural climate of the country. His work continues to reflect his interest of his artistic-research thesis on Person-Centered Practices of Music Education and Music-making settings. Lately Agustin has taken on the role as the lead researcher and promoter of Rudimental Drumming music, culture, and community in Chile and has been bestowed the position of representative for Chile for the Society of International Rudimental Drummers, SIRD.

For more information on his availability, work or collaboration contact him directly as well as follow him on instagram @Rudimental_Santiago.