Projects & Performances

Agustín's latest project is a direct reflection of his versatility and multidisciplinary approach to percussion and music creation. During 2021 Agustin worked collectively with composer and researcher Gordon H. Williams, South Korean artist Sol Enae Lee and Hong Kong singer Ariel Sin-Yu Lee on his latest transdisciplinary project, Fire is Scary, a percussion quartet and a visual album derived from personal experiences around translation issues and international borders.

Along with the collective Fire is Scary, Agustin is working on the next collaborative project in 2022 entitled "You may call me a big mermaid from my stomach", which acts as a sister piece to the literary and musical narrative of Fire is Scary.

Agustín is currently living in Santiago de Chile where he continues to work as a musician/creator, educator and artistic researcher in the current cultural climate of the country. His work continues to reflect his interest in his artistic research thesis on person-centered music education practices and music-making environments. In this interest of centering on the person, Agustin is in full development of his artistic residency located in the commune of Ñuñoa, Santiago in which he seeks to connect percussionists, drummers and musicians to other artistic or non-artistic disciplines with the purpose of accessing a interdisciplinary and holistic lens of musical creation and maturity.