Agustin is a Chilean Percussionist, Educator and Music Therapist from currently living in Santiago, Chile. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance, Music Therapy and Psychology from State University of New York, Fredonia and a Master's degree of Music from the nationally acclaimed conservatory, Utrecht  Conservatorium, in the Netherlands for his studies on Person-Centered music-making and Drum Set Performance


Agustin has studied under renown names including Dr. Kay Stonefelt, Aubrey V.  Adams, and Shawn Pelton, and renown Dutch Jazz drummer Joost Kesselaar at the Utrecht Conservatorium for his Masters Studies. Furthermore Agustin continually finds manners to expand his abilities and knowledge of music from different perspectives, leading him to most recently study with master improviser and drummer Marcos Baggiani.


Since obtaining his degree in music in 2013, Agustin has worked professionally as a percussionist, drummer and music therapist in the United States, Chile, and the Netherlands. In the US Agustin worked and developed music therapy programs in multiple health-care organizations in New York City, as well as performed in hundreds of locations and stages in Washington DC and New York City. During his brief residence in Santiago, Chile, Agustin worked as a music therapist in various Healthcare locations in Santiago and maintained a busy percussion teaching schedule during which he had the opportunity to perform masterclasses for the Chilean foundation for Youth Orchestras and the Catholic University of Chile Conservatory, as well as lead workshops with the DUOC UC arts and design students. In the Netherlands Agustin has maintained an active performing schedule with his experimental music group, Hache Collective, as well as presented various workshops in creativity and group dynamics alongside the group. Alongside his busy Masters schedule, Agustin found time to also privately teach drums and percussion students in the cities of Utrecht and Amsterdam, and equally assist with percussion rehearsals with the Domstad Youth Orchestra of Utrecht.


While Agustin has had many roles in the music industry, his passion lies in education; As an engaging drum set and percussion and Rudimental Drumming instructor, he provides music lessons and workshops  rooted in person-centered philosophy which allows him to cater each lesson in an individualized manner and develop richer and more meaningful relationships with each student, learner, or group. As an avid educator and researcher of rudimental drumming, Agustin has recently been given the role of rudimental drumming representative of Chile for the SIRD. Agustin is endorsed by Agner-Drumsticks company for his rudimental, percussion, and educative endevours